Juice Cleanses

When it comes to dieting, it sounds and feels like a punishment.  We think people should embrace their bodies.  That's why we offer cleanses.  It's a reboot -- it's short, it's invigorating, but most of all, it's rewarding.  Our cleanse is a way to power bodies with fresh, clean, plant based energy.  For a period of one to three days, cleansers will commit to drinking juices pressed from fruits and vegetables.  It is designed to boost immune systems, ease digestion, jumpstart weight loss goals, and make you feel good.  


What do i get?

Each day guarantees you five fresh pressed signature Juice Jar juices, two coconut waters, two herbal teas, and one hot lemon water.  You'll also get a green cooler bag with the Juice Jar logo to easily transport your juices from our place to yours.



When can i start?

We ask that you give us three days advance notice.  Sign up sheets are available in store.

More questions?  Give us a call at the store: 814-450-0074

How much is it?

One day                             $60

Two day                             $120

Three day                          $165

Additional days                 $50