About Us

Our fearless leader, Heidi Lutz


I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2008.  Crohn's is an auto immune disease that affects the entire digestive system, and is seriously debilitating to health, lifestyle, and those around you.  I went through a series of different medications, and was eventually put on Humira, a medication that is injected. It helped me to achieve remission, but the side effects just didn’t make sense to me.  I mean, leukemia?!  This medication also suppressed my immune system and I was becoming ill too often.  I decided to explore other options of natural healing and came across the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Joe Cross is a man from Australia who also had an auto immune disease.  He decided to juice for 60 days to see how it would benefit his health.  His results were inspiring and he's close to full recovery.  Cross has made a few documentaries, written numerous books, and has a wealth of information on his website: www.rebootwithjoe.com.  
I was inspired to start using food and juice to heal myself; ultimately to control the inflammation that was wreaking havoc in my colon.  During this process, I also slowly started to eliminate chemicals from my household products, my health and beauty products, and learned about the benefits of essential oils.  I’ve now been medication free for four years and I feel better than ever!  I opened the store to let people know that there is a choice when it comes to health.  We don’t have to blindly listen to what doctors tell us.  We can be our own advocates and learning about the dangers hiding in our food and in our everyday products.  Start with Joe’s documentary -- it’s available on his website.  And, if it moves you too, check out the documentaries on www.fmtv.com -- it can change your life!

Our Mission

To foster personal and environmental well-being by serving earth friendly and health-sustaining foods, educating the community on clean and minimally invasive living, and using and selling green products.


The Juice Jar aims to make change and health easier by offering fresh pressed juices and made to order smoothies that pack in well rounded bundles of nutrients in every sip.


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